Sales & Distribution

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Sales and Distribution

With dedicated and effective regional branches and distribution houses across Pakistan, Sabiha Anees has been home to the world’s leading brands for over a decade and is ranked amongst the most prominent distribution companies in Pakistan.

Our aim is to break the stereotypical mindset towards distributors and work as business partners for mutual growth. For remote areas, because of lower volumes in terms of sales, we prefer sub-distributors to cater to consumer needs. We have an active network of sub-distributors from Karachi to Khyber. However, regular monitoring of these sub-distributors ensures that the quality of service is maintained as per the required standards.

The various types of channels include the following:

  • Medical + General Stores
  • Retailers
  • Wholesale
  • Bakeries
  • Pan Shops
  • Kariana Shops
  • LMT and IMT (Supermarkets & International Chain Stores)
  • CSD stores
  • Army Welfare Shops
  • Utility Stores (rural and semi-rural areas)

We work in close proximity with our business partners/suppliers to ensure steady and stable operations and growth.